Our Company

Lipigon Pharmaceuticals

About us

Lipigon was founded 2010 by leading lipid experts from Umeå University, Sweden, primarily acting as an IP holding company. From mid-2016 we expanded into having in-house scientists and our own laboratories. Today we have offices and laboratories in Umeå, Sweden and an office at the BioVenture Hub in Gothenburg.

What we do

We are lipid biology experts focusing on developing novel therapeutics for patients with lipid related disorders. Lipigon develops pharmaceuticals that are first- or best-in-class. Unrestricted by technological approach Lipigon addresses unmet medical needs in the field of lipid disorder driven metabolic disease; e.g. indications in the cardiometabolic space and liver diseases such as NASH/NAFLD. Our primary focus is rare orphan lipid driven disorders where we have two active programs for homozygous hypercholesterolemia and lipodystrophy. Read more about our active programs.


Our mission is to develop safe and efficient treatments for lipid related disorders in the orphan disease space where no or few approved treatments exist; thus, making a significant improvement in the quality of life and survival of these patients.


Our vision is to build a sustainable research-based company with an innovative pipeline of product candidates in pre-clinical and clinical development. We want to be the world-leading company in the orphan space of lipid-related diseases and the most attractive collaboration partner for broader indications relating to lipid disturbances.

Board and management

Dr. Stefan K Nilsson

Stefan is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Lipigon. PhD in Physiological Chemistry 2010 and holds both business and and science degrees. Stefan has been central in all Lipigon’s achivements to date. He is an active academic scientist affiliated with Medical Biosciences at Umeå University and member of the European Lipoprotein Club organizing committee.

Prof. Gunilla Olivecrona

Gunilla is a Professor at Umeå University, CSO of Lipigon and an internationally renowned expert in the field of molecular lipid transport. Lipigon’s foundation builds on her research. Gunilla has over 200 original articles published, most of them in the field of molecular lipid transport. She has been awarded several national and international scientific prizes.

Carina Schmidt

Carina has, as CEO of Athera, hands on experience in bringing a pre-clinical asset into late stage clinical development in the cardiometabolic field. Carina has 35 years of life science experience, acting in numerous boards and leading positions.

Lars Öhman
Board member

Lars is an experienced business developer with 35 years of experience from the pharma industry. He has held high level positions in a number of pharma companies, as well as being Vice President of Business Development for Karo Bio. He has led business transactions from lead identification to contract negotiations and has concluded deals with a potential value of several hundred million dollars.

Jens Ålander
Board member

Jens is an internationally experienced CFO/COO, currently in the management of Imint Vidhance and at Jetty as board member, both publicly traded companies. He has previously worked at Ericsson in a number of financial roles in Sweden and abroad.

Prof. Mikael Elofsson
Board member

Co-founder of Lipigon. Well-renowned Professor in medicinal chemistry with engagement in several spin-out companies. Faculty dean at Umeå University.